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About Us

The ArtHouse Condos by Flato Developments

Who Are We

FLATO HOME is a new venture by Flato Developments. Flato Developments is an award-winning real estate developer and builder in the Greater Toronto Area. We have successfully built communities in Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and Mississauga, and have currently ongoing construction projects in Markham, Richmond Hill and Brampton. With six ongoing and over a dozen completed projects, our diverse portfolio includes both low and high rise communities of residential, commercial and mixed use. Our aim is not just to quantify our accomplishments by quantity but also quality, and thus Flato Developments is proud to be a recipient of the Markham Building Excellence Awards. Later this summer we are releasing our biggest project yet, which is a 14 storey apartment building project in the city of Markham. We're not just proud of the scale of the project and the feedback we have received, but also that our building is a candidate to be a LEED Silver building.


FLATO HOME is taking our dream further and making sure that we become the one stop shop for families for their home product needs even after they have moved into their homes. We want to give you a name you recognize and trust for everything home related. FLATO HOME will sell a wide range of products to satisfy all your home needs, with a continually expanding product offering so we can better serve you. With our focus on quality and customer service right from the start, our dream is to have you assume and expect quality wherever you buy a Flato product. We invite you to Upgrade to a Flato lifestyle.




We strongly believe in the communities where we build and we feel pride in giving back. We actively support the Markham Stouffville Hospital and the William Osler Health System Foundation along with other local charities. We also believe in the importance of the arts and last year we entered into a naming agreement with the city of Markham, where Markham's performance theatre was renamed Flato Markham Theatre. Flato is the first developer to have formed such an agreement with the city in Markham's history. We are proud to be sponsors of the Varley Art Gallery as well as being the sponsor and official custodian of the Flato Markham Theatre.

Flato Markham Theatre (Photo Credit: Kindred Spirits Orchestra)

The Varley Art Gallery

Markham Stouffville Hospital