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Buying New Bed Linens: Cotton vs Microfiber

Has the time come for you to replace your old sheets? When it comes to buying new bed linens, many people don’t realize that there’s more to consider than just colour and size.

Bed linens are important aspects of your home and life. You spend at least seven hours (hopefully) a day between the sheets, so why not make an informed decision when buying new linens and find the best match for your budget, style, and comfort?

When it comes to buying new linens, there is so much more to consider beyond colour and size! As with any important purchase, research is key! Let us dive into two popular linen options – cotton and microfiber – and explore the differences, benefits and drawbacks of each.

An investment in the right linens will no doubt leave you feeling snug as a bug.


Buying New Bed Linens - Cotton vs Microfiber


Cotton - A Long-Time Favourite!

Cotton is a go-to for linens due to the comfort and longevity of the material. You really can’t go wrong with 100% cotton due to its breathability and moisture-wicking properties. Cotton is a natural fiber, meaning it does not contain any synthetic compounds. For those with sensitive skin, the smooth surface can alleviate friction that could worsen some skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. The moisture-wicking ability of cotton also keeps bacteria away from your skin and keeps you cooler at night, making it perfect for those hot summer nights.

Cotton dries quickly even if there is a weight (your body) on top of it. The breathability of cotton is what keeps your body temperature regulated and allows for a more restful sleep. This is a fantastic option for people who suffer from night sweats, or those who do not have air conditioning in the summer months. Cotton is durable and will stand the test of time.

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Microfiber - Another Great Option

Microfiber is just as popular as cotton and the two share many of the same benefits. Unlike cotton, microfiber is a man-made material created from weaving together polyester and nylon. These linens can still be considered ‘green,’ even though they are synthetic - some varieties may contain wood pulp or other recycled material. For those with sensitive skin, this combination of materials could produce an irritation or allergic reaction.

When it comes to microfiber sheets, it’s really a matter of budget and preference. This is an ideal option because of its delightfully soft texture and the fact that microfiber is very easy to care for. There are no special washing or drying instructions. Microfiber sheets are also just as durable as cotton, so they’ll last many washes and uses.

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Other Important Aspects to Consider

Thread Count will Determine Durability

Whether you decide on cotton or microfiber, remember that a higher thread count will result in a more durable, soft, and long-lasting material. Lower thread count sheets may tear or wear after only a few months of use, regardless of the material they are made of. A thread-count between 300 to 500 will provide optimal softness and durability. 

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Match Your Tastes and Budget

Decide what matters most to you – the price, softness, style or longevity of your linens? How much time do you have to shop around and what material have you previously been fond of? It’s totally fine to stick with cotton if it’s worked for you before. But as we explored earlier, even the cotton selection will be full of different options for you to choose between. Choose what works for you and know that you can still find quality linens on a budget.


Check These Two Things: Your Mattress and the Return Policy

Now that you have an understanding of materials and thread counts, it’s time to start shopping around. Buying new linens is personal, and it could take some time to find what you’re looking for – especially when all of your shopping is being done online. To ensure you’re not stuck with something you don’t like, always check your store’s return policy. Since most stores will exchange or return unused items only, you should take time to prepare beforehand.

Do not assume that the linens will fit your mattress. It would be a shame to un-box everything and then realize it doesn’t fit on your bed. Measure your mattress, especially if you have a topper. Standard linen sizes usually do not account for the depth of mattresses since they vary so much. Sheets that can fit 15-inch mattresses are standard and should work - but measure yours just in case. You should also allow some wiggle room from shrinkage – especially when it comes to natural fibers like cotton or cotton blends – after being in the laundry.


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