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Practical Home Ideas to Instantly Refresh Your Living Space

Looking at your space and seeing what works and what no longer serves you is a healthy habit. Not sure exactly where to start? Let’s explore some practical home ideas focused on refreshing your living space.

With so many practical home ideas out there, let’s focus in on where it really counts - refreshing your living space. If this has been something on your to-do list, it’s time to stop pushing it further and further down that list.

You know that your space could look better, you keep it tidy, you’ve tried decluttering and your organization has improved leaps and bounds but yet – something’s still off. Thankfully, there are many easy to follow, practical home ideas you can try today that can give you that little extra special something you’ve been searching for. Take a look at the products we suggest with each tip, so you can make your vision come to life!

There’s no better day than today to begin your fresh start, and in the place that matters most: your home. Let’s explore simple (and budget-friendly!) tips and tricks to instantly refresh your living space now.

Create the Illusion of Light and Space with Mirrors

Refresh your space by adding a mirror and see the room open and shine! This is one of those practical home ideas that is a trade secret. Adding a mirror will make a space look larger since they add depth and of course, reflect light. This applies to any space but will really come in handy if you’re in tight quarters. Mirrors for small space design is one of the oldest tricks in the book. You can’t go wrong by starting with a mirror or two. Extra points for correct placement: put the window directly opposite a window and see how it instantly brightens your space. Have fun with the style of mirror, as this can also be a nod to your personal style.

Check out this Woven Accent Mirror from FLATO Home

Start a Gallery Wall – the More the Merrier!

Gallery walls are a fun way to refresh your living space, and this trend shows little sign of stopping in 2022. This was definitely one of the top trending practical home ideas, and thankfully it’s simple to jump in on it! If you don’t know what to do with that bare wall, make it your next project to set up a gallery wall. Have fun and mix up prints, canvas art, and framed photos of various sizes.

Extra Tip: Another added benefit, besides adding pops of colour and having fun designing your gallery wall is that framed artwork, when placed vertically, can help create the illusion of a larger space. Placing framed artwork vertically naturally draws the eye away from tight spaces (and perhaps a small mess in the corner, oops) and helps exaggerate the size of a wall. Try to use smaller pieces for narrow walls, and larger pieces for big walls. This is one of those practical home ideas you don’t know you love until you try. So, what are you waiting for?

Check out some of FLATO Home’s acrylic art on canvas.

The Rock
All proceeds from the purchase of this specific canvas are donated to the Shelburne Splashpad Project.

Muddy Water - Original From Flato Home


Don’t Disregard Faux Plants as Home Décor

Some people say that faux plants are bad Fung Shui. We say – try it out and see how you feel! Especially after a large, bright and merry festivity such as the busy holiday season, our homes can suddenly look a little dull. The onslaught of winter doesn’t exactly add much colour to the mix either, with its mostly grey and white palette. Luckily there are many beautiful faux options – like plants, flowers and fruits – that are an ideal solution. Plus, if you’re repeatedly failing at keeping live plants (not all of us have a green thumb!) then this is even more of a win. Add faux plants to your office, bedroom and even bathroom. If you’re tight on space, add small faux plants along windows or in your shelving. The added greenery (even if it’s plastic!) will instantly make it feel more alive. You may even forget it’s fake! See if your guests notice!

Faux Palm Leaves - Perfect for accenting a vase

Orchard 8 Piece Faux Fruit – Lemons - SShhh they’ll never know!

Check out this Blushing Peony 5 Bloom Bouquet – Orange from FLATO Home

There you have it, our latest practical home ideas to refresh your space. Adopting these simple tips will help you set up the space you want, in the way you want. It’s never a bad time to try something new and have fun with your home décor.