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7 Anticipated Interior Trends for Spring/Summer 2022

Spring is on the horizon. The days are getting longer and temperatures getting warmer. With this comes a newfound inspiration to re-invent and brighten up the spaces around us – as well as within us. Keep reading for the most anticipated interior trends for spring/summer 2022.

As we all look forward to spending as much time in the outdoors as we have inside our homes the last few months, many of us will be trying to create a seamless transition between the two. Employing biophilic design principles and bringing more nature-inspired elements indoors will be big spring/summer trends for 2022. But the most prominent interior design trend for this year revolves around self-care and creating spaces within our homes dedicated to our mental and physical wellbeing.

Here are the top anticipated interior trends for spring/summer 2022:

7 Anticipated Interior Trends for Spring/Summer 2022

50 Shades of Green and Brown
Green and brown will be the standout colour trends for spring/summer 2022, bringing fresh, serene, and natural elements to our homes. From olive to evergreen and taupe to chocolate, tones of naturally inspired greens and browns will be a huge trend this year. The yearning to get back outside and reconnect with nature post-pandemic seems to have significantly influenced this new colour trend – as well as most other aspects of 2022 interior trends. Since earthy tones give off a feeling of fresh, new starts, it’s no wonder these hues will be dominant presence as we emerge from pandemic life. These colours will commonly be incorporated into homes by painting entire rooms or accent walls, kitchen cabinets, kitchen islands or simply by bringing in textiles such as bed linens and pillows.

Colors of the Year 2022 by BrandsPhoto source:

      Check out this beautiful Green Apples canvas painting.

      See Brown Spring Bloom Throw Pillows or Faux Mink Fur Reversible Blanket.

      Nature-Inspired Objects

      Nature has been a missing element in many of our lives as the pandemic kept us tucked away in our homes for the last couple of years. Since nature is known to relieve stress, it comes as no shock that it will play a huge role in interior trends beyond colour. While the topic of stress-relief in relation to home décor is not a new one, there is a stronger yearning for these influences in the home since the pandemic. This trend can be applied by incorporating calming and earthy tones (see above) to walls and textiles as well as nature-inspired objects and themes throughout the home.

      Check out this Willow Twig Bundle and Acacia Wood & Green Cheese Board

      Curves Everywhere
      This trend features pieces with sloped lines and curved silhouettes – no more harsh angles and straight lines! Examples include curved backs on chairs, rounded waterfall edges, and curved accent pieces. Curved furniture such as sofas and chairs will be the dominant source of this trend, as they work really well for hosting groups and encouraging gatherings. The growing love for this kind of sculptural furniture is deeply connected to the biophilic design trend, which we touch on below. 

      Home care is a new form of self-care. Research has revealed that 'self-spaces' – spaces in the home dedicated to self-care – will be big aspects of home renovations for spring/summer 2022. Since the pandemic kept many of us cooped up inside for so long, people have started realizing the impact that physical spaces can have on overall wellbeing. This has led to more of us placing greater importance on creating dedicated spaces within our homes for wellness and/or hobbies – whether by making small changes such as bringing in plants (see below) or undertaking larger projects to completely reinvent the purpose of a space. If you’re looking to turn your home into your happy place, utilize any one of these 2022 interior trends to get started!

      Indoor gardening
      There’s no better way to add a bit of life into your home than with a houseplant…or 5. Indoor gardening and house gardens have become increasingly popular over the course of the pandemic, so it comes as no surprise that houseplants and creating jungle-like spaces within our homes will continue to grow in popularity. Houseplants and house gardens create a more layered space and are an amazing way to bring the outdoors in. Some of the most popular houseplants of 2022 will be the classic money tree, ferns and succulents. In addition to being beautiful, natural décor pieces that add colour and brightness to a space, houseplants bring so many more benefits for our physical and mental wellbeing.

      Note: While the interior trend of bringing more greenery into the home includes real plants, faux plants have made a come-back as a great option for people who do not have a green thumb but would still like to enjoy the physical effect of greenery in their homes.

      Check out this Faux Palm Leaf Stem.

      Textured Objects and Fabrics
      From textured wallpaper to jute rugs, texture seems to be the secret ingredient to bringing beauty and intrigue to your home in 2022. Mixing in pieces with a variety of textures will be a prominent trend this spring/summer and there are many simple ways it can be done! Whether you’d like to start small by bringing in fibrous baskets or woven blankets or pillows or go all the way with a textured accent wall, the options are unlimited with this interior trend. Although textured walls were once thought to be outdated, they’ve made quite a comeback with classic elements that can blend with any interior home design theme.  

      Biophilic design
      Biophilic design is another interior trend incorporates nature into both the interior and architectural aspects of your space. In a way, this design principal brings together all of the 2022 interior trends mentioned above to create spaces filled with greenery, light, natural materials, earthy tones and healthy spaces. The features of biophilic design can be easily incorporated into any home – read our blog about biophilic design for some easy tips!

      Interior trends come and go. Often, they are a reflection of what’s happening in the world around us. So, it’s natural for the interior trends of spring/summer 2022 to reflect what we’ve all endured over the last couple of years and what we are yearning for most as we emerge from pandemic life - nature. Being cooped up in our homes has made us all feel disconnected from nature – and from each other – and has shown us just how much of an impact the spaces around us can have on our physical and mental wellbeing. As we slowly ease into spring, we will all be looking for ways to create a balance between staying in and going out. With that, the trend of self-care and nature-inspired design elements will continue to thrive well into 2022 – and perhaps far beyond.