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Why should you make the switch to silk pillowcases?

Silk sounds nice, but can sleeping on silk pillowcases really be better for your skin and hair? What exactly is the science behind all this? Keep reading to find out whether silk pillowcases are worth the addition to your beauty routine.

Who doesn’t like to be well-rested? What if, while getting your shut-eye, you could also be protecting your hair and skin at the same time? They say you spend a third of your life sleeping, so why not invest in a small, but meaningful addition that could work wonders while you sleep? This is where silk pillowcases come in.

Luxurious in and of themselves, silk pillowcases offer us so much more than just a pleasing aesthetic. Sounds like a dream come true. Join us as we discuss the beauty benefits of silk pillowcases. One product surely cannot solve all your beauty woes but switching to a silk pillowcase is a rather easy adjustment that won’t break the bank. Let’s read on to see what can be expected.

Why Silk Makes the Difference

Why Silk Makes the Difference

Are you thinking, “I’ve always used cotton, so why should I switch?” It’s true that cotton is a classic choice for linens due to the comfort and longevity of the material. Pure 100% cotton is breathable and moisture-wicking. Both cotton and silk are natural fibers, but it’s the incredible smooth surface of silk that makes the difference when related to hair and skin health.  

Note: You may hearsilk and satin being used interchangeably. Satin is the type of weave while silk is the material.

Silk allows hair and skin to glide across it with reduced friction while you sleep. So yes, while cotton does have many advantages, it depends on what your priority is. Cotton is generally stronger than silk, but this also comes down to the thread count of the fibers. Silk has its own measurement, called the momme (mm), which is used to signify the quality of silk. The higher the number, the more durable the silk fiber is. About 25 mm is considered high quality, but 19 mm should also suffice for bedding.

If you want to improve the health of your hair and skin, then consider switching to silk pillowcases. You’ll just have to handle the material with extra care to make sure it stands the test of time. The best washing method for silk includes handwashing followed by air-drying.

Will Sleeping on Silk Pillowcases Prevent Wrinkles?

Will Sleeping on Silk Pillowcases Prevent Wrinkles?

Experts say, “Yes!” - and it comes down to the science concerning the friction between our skin and hair against silk pillowcases compared to other materials. Since silk is so soft, less tugging occurs on the skin as you toss and turn at night. A silk pillowcase won’t reduce wrinkles that you already have (sorry!) but will prevent the onset of new ones. ‘Crush wrinkles’ is the term for those formed from repeated sleeping in one position on the side of your face. Studies show that a silky-smooth surface slows the formation of these wrinkles. Ok, so that’s one point for silk pillowcases so far, but who’s keeping score?

Are Better Hair Days in My Future?

If you commit to sleeping on silk pillowcases, you will see reduced frizz, tangles and dreaded bed head. If you repeatedly wake up with these hair issues, rest assured that switching to silk pillowcases will only benefit your hair. Especially if you have textured or curly hair, sleeping on silk will keep your hairstyle more frizz-free. Which also means less hair damage like split ends or tangles. What’s more, if you typically suffer from dandruff, a flaky scalp or dry hair, then silk pillowcases will be there to save the day.

Do Silk Pillowcases Keep my Hair and Skin Moisturized?

We just learned that silk pillowcases keep hair more frizz-free and skin more wrinkle-free. But how can this also contribute to keeping you hydrated? Now this is really starting to sound like magic! The answer lies in the ultra-smooth texture and fiber composition of silk.

Cotton linens are touted as moisture-wicking due to the fibers being able to dry quickly thus keeping you dry as well. But does skin and hair like being dry? No! Don’t get me wrong, silk is still moisture wicking and temperature-regulating as well. Silk pillowcases will keep you dry but will absorb less moisture away from the surface. This is what makes the difference for hair and skin.

Can Silk Pillowcases Help Clear Up Acne and Other Skin Problems?

Not so fast. Although we have just noted that silk pillowcases help your skin stay more hydrated, this does not mean that a direct link can be associated between silk and improved acne or other skin conditions. Although keeping your skin moisturized is part of healthy skin, you should change your pillowcaseevery two weeks (at least) and follow a skin and hair regime that works for you.

Changing your linens will get rid of dead skin cells, sweat and other bacteria that may have ended up on your pillowcase. You don’t know if your cat napped on your pillow all day. There is just no way to be sure. Wash your linens at least every two weeks. Preventing the exposure to bacteria can help reduce some skin problems over time. There is no one end all be all solution, and silk pillowcases represent just a piece of the puzzle towards healthy hair and skin.

When and Where do Silk Pillowcases Make the Most Sense?

When and Where do Silk Pillowcases Make the Most Sense?

Can you sleep on silk year-round? Certainly! During the dry, winter months, sleeping on silk pillowcases won’t strip the remaining little bit of precious moisture from your hair and skin. If you don’t live in a climate with constant extreme heat and humidity, consider sleeping on a silk pillowcase to keep your hair and skin hydrated. Want to sleep on silk no matter what? Just change them up and wash often (every two weeks!) to prevent the accumulation of bacteria.

I’m in! Where Do I Get My Hands on Silk Pillowcases?

Check out these silk pillowcases, available online from FLATO Home. Available in four colours, these are 100% pure silk pillowcases.

100% Pure Silk Pillowcases

Don’t wait to add these beautiful products to your beauty routine!

A satin snooze with better hair, skin and an added touch of luxury doesn’t sound so bad. Incorporate the 100% Silk Pillowcases from FLATO Home to your beauty routine and get ready to slip away into a blissful, friction-free dreamland.