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Bookshelf Décor: Accessorize Like a Pro

Bookshelf décor refers to styling bookshelves to maximize their function while also making them aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking to add an empty set of shelves to your home but are anxious to start decorating them, use these tips from FLATO Home to help you get started! We’re here to help you create a careful and meaningful bookshelf arrangement that you’ll truly love.

Bookshelf décor is mesmerizing to look at. Those perfectly placed items – picture frames, knick-knacks, and hanging plants – that all come together like a work of art. If you are intimidated and don’t know where to start with your bookshelf décor inspiration, we’ve got you covered!

You probably only need a couple extra special touches to create the perfectly curated bookshelf décor look. Let’s get into some basic guidelines and tips to help you start accessorizing and making use of this new-found space for accessorizing your home.

Bookshelf Décor Starts at Home

Bookshelf Décor Starts at Home

What do we mean when we say bookshelf décor starts at home? You probably have a lot of items that are screaming to be showed off in a new place. Take a walk around your home and look at the artwork, frames, vases, and other knick-knacks you have around. It doesn’t matter if they do not follow a theme, style or colour pattern when placed together. What matters more is that your bookshelf doesn’t look overwhelming and that it is visually balanced.

If it’s your prerogative to follow a tone-on-tone scheme, then go out in search of home décor items and create something new and bring your vision to life. If you want to truly showcase things you already have, consider buying just a few items that will help tie it all together. Placement is everything, so it’s not only about the number of things you have on display. Home décor pieces are just one piece of the bookshelf décor puzzle.

Vary the Texture and Visual Interest

You want something that’s nice to look at, right? In terms of bookshelf décor, this means adding texture and visual interest in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. In most cases, less is more. You don’t want something super cluttered that looks like a hoarder’s paradise. Rather, creating visual interest should focus on less items that visually draw the eye and create a balance. Create a consistency that leaves your shelves looking tidy and not overwhelming. Once you start improvising with placement of different items, you’ll start to have fun while styling your bookshelf!

To prevent your bookshelf décor from looking awkward, try placing items together that are proportional. A small décor item on a shelf that’s too large will simply not be able to stand out. Make sure the items are proportional to the size of the shelf as well as to one another. Remember to take a step back and re-evaluate your progress from time to time.

The Best Bookshelf Items

Bookshelf Décor Starts at Home

Now that we’ve touched on the importance of adding texture and visual interest to your bookshelf décor, what are the items you need to bring it all together? What items should you be looking for on your next home décor shopping trip?

  1. Decorative Bowls and Plates

It’s time to open up your cupboards and cabinets! Any interesting wooden or porcelain bowls will look great displayed on a bookshelf. They’ll not only add that texture we talked about earlier, but also a burst of colour. You can use them as a display piece, or for holding mementos like shells or rocks from a tropical vacation. The best part? Maybe you’ll find something that’s been hiding in the back of your cabinet, forgotten. Take a trip down memory lane and give decorative bowls and plates a place in your bookshelf décor plans.

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  1. Vases

Vases are a classic way to add texture and interest to your bookshelf. Crystal vases are nice, but those made of aluminum reflect more light and can really bump up that sparkle and visual interest. You can plop in a set of flowers (fake or real!) here to really add a pop of colour too!

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  1. Picture Frames

Picture frames of family, friends and good times spent together are the stars of bookshelf décor. They can hold any precious memory you like. Want to make a special memory really stand out? Get a large frame, as the eye will naturally be draw to the larger object.

If you’re going out to buy a bunch of new frames, keep in mind a general consistency between the look of the frames. They do not have to all be the same but have them follow a general pattern or be made of a similar material. If you choose to have frames with mats, keep it that way – matted photos generally look ‘tidier’.

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  1. Oh Yeah, Books!

We can’t forget about books! If you don’t own many, magazines will do too. Make use of the books you have and alternate between horizontal and vertical staking. This adds flow and interest in your display. If you’re low on books, a great idea is to use accessories as bookends. Choose brightly coloured pieces and picture frames as bookends and see how they stand out. Don’t be afraid to space out the stacks of books or magazines.

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Bookshelf Décor Classics

Everyone has at least a couple knick-knacks or special mementos they treasure. This category is endless since really anything can be made special – a dried flower from a Spring walk, an interesting rock, or a shell. Whatever items you have, experiment by placing them with the other key items we mentioned like picture frames, vases, or bowls. Place them together and see how the colour and theme connection flows. An entirely white item will stand out more when surrounded by non-white items like stacks of books. If you have a rather neutral theme, consider the opposite – a brightly coloured item. Go wild and have fun!

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What about the Actual Bookshelves?

What about the Actual Bookshelves?

Ready to start your bookshelf décor project? Check out these shelves and many more offered on the FLATO Home website. 

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