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Wedding Gift Registry Items: All Your Kitchen Essentials

Creating a perfect wedding gift registry can be a daunting task, especially if you’re seeking the fully stocked kitchen of your dreams.

We’re here to suggest adopting a streamlined approach to crafting your wedding gift registry. The focus is on classic style and ultimate function. What are those tried-and-true items that will put in the work and provide value year after year? Read on to find out! 

Wedding Gifts Registry – Don’t be Shy!

The kitchen is the heart of every home, so it’s no wonder that newlyweds dream of making it both a beautiful and functional space. Creating a stellar wedding gift registry is the perfect time to start thinking about the setup of your new home. Newlyweds shouldn’t shy away from putting a combination of investment as well as everyday kitchen items on their wedding registry.

Include both the essentials as well as a few fancier items. Some of the pricier and higher quality kitchen or home décor items should last a lifetime and never need to be replaced. What seems pricey upfront will give back in value over the years. So don’t be shy, go ahead and ask for those items that you know will be valuable to the function of your new home!

How do I Begin Building a Wedding Gift Registry?

Confused about where to start? We can’t stress enough the importance of thinking what will bring value to YOU. If you aren’t a big cook, maybe you don’t need a 20-piece cookware; a 10-piece set might make more sense for you. Don’t stuff every nook and cranny of your new home items you have no intention of using. For the most part, don’t invest in novelty or single-use gadgets like rice makers or bread makers unless you have a passion for these things and know for sure you will use them consistently. For your wedding gift registry play it safe and simple in terms of style, design, and function. This will pay off in the long run and save you from replacing out-of-style items or things that were just a passing trend. Think of things that will stand the test of time and you can picture being of use in your kitchen for years (even decades!) down the road.

Consider Storage and Quantity of Kitchen Items

This is especially important for serveware and cooking items. Take time to consider storage now before all these items suddenly appear at your doorstep. It would be a good idea to measure your cabinet space and the height of your dishwasher to make sure the dishes you want make sense both on and off the table. Next, think carefully about how many dishes you actually need for everyday use and how much cabinet space you have to store them.

How much dinnerware does a two-person household actually need? While this may seem like a simple decision, many will be torn between buying too much and buying too little. Considering how often you wish to entertain can help with this decision. If you’re leaning towards formal dinnerware, keep in mind that these sets can include a dinner plate, salad or dessert plate, bread plate, teacup with a saucer, and soup bowl. Do you have the space, and will you use it? Great! If not, reconsider and adjust for your needs.

Now Let’s See Those Wedding Registry Gift Items!

A mix of everyday and fancier items will help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Function is beautiful too, right? Read on to see some traditional as well an unconventional gift items we believe belong on every wedding gift registry. We think some of them may surprise you!

A stainless-steel cookware set: This is definitely an investments piece that will absolutely stand the test of time and be worth the price. Even if you aren’t exactly master chefs at the moment, a 10 or 12-piece set is perfect to set them up for all their culinary adventures. High quality pans not only heat up easily and cook food efficiently but will also be easy to clean. What’s not to love? Don’t worry about the price, a group of your wedding guests can team up and contribute to this wonderful, timeless gift.

Check out FLATO Home’s Canadiana 10 Piece Cookware Set and the PADERNO 12 Piece Cookware Set

A good knife set: So useful! A quality set of knives will help immensely in any kitchen. This will make prepping meals a breeze, and a nice set can be maintained over the years with regular sharpening.

Ideas here! Check out FLATO Home’s 5 piece Knife Set with Universal Block

Wine glasses and accessories:For wine lovers or those that entertain a lot, why not invest in a really nice set of wine glasses? You’ll love drinking out of them – we promise! Add a touch a flare by adding a wine decanter to your wedding gift registry. The crystal finish will add radiance to any room with style and elegance.

Ideas here! Check out FLATO Home’s Wine Decanter 1.5L and theVenue Wine Glass Set of 6

Timeless serveware that is good for every-day as well as guests:Gifts that play double-duty? Yes, please! Dinnerware is the canvas for any meal and is an important aspect of any home. Patterns, colours, and design are fun aspects of home décor, but function should come first.  For your wedding gift registry, choose a dinner set that is classic and clean with a minimalistic feel. Make sure the set is durable enough for everyday use while also being simple enough to dress up with placemats, napkins and other accessories when a special occasion arises. Starting off with one complete set will also alleviate the headache of storing multiple sets of dishes. If you don’t anticipate having extra storage space in your new love nest, trust us on this one and just go with one set.

Ideas here! Check out FLATO Home’s 16-Piece Metric White Dinnerset

Ideas here! Check out FLATO Home’s 12-Piece Soft Square Porcelain Dinnerset

Ideas here! Check out FLATO Home’s Bone China Gold 20 Piece Dinnerware Set

Storage containers: Yes, you read that correctly. Food storage containers are not the flashiest item on your wedding gift registry, but boy are they useful and needed in a home! Other storage containers or canisters can also add a decorative touch while also being functional. Don’t underestimate your need for real practical kitchen items. Again, don’t be shy to ask for what you really need in your new home!

Ideas here! Check out FLATO Home’s Sealock Glass Containers - FLATO HOME

Creating the perfect wedding gift registry should be a happy and fun activity for all newlyweds setting up their new home. Keeping the wedding gift registry simple and selecting timeless and functional items will help add value and joy to your home year after year.