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Outdoor Entertainment Pro Tips: Make the Most of Your Summer

Entertaining outdoors can be a fun and dynamic experience for hosts and guests alike. With only a few fair-weather months available for outdoor entertainment, it’s important to get the ball rolling now so that you’re ready when the warm temperatures (and guests) arrive!

Wondering how to knock your outdoor entertainment game out of the park? Read on to find out a few simple additions that will make all the difference to your guests this summer season.

Here’s to Making the Most of Summer!

If you have the desire to upgrade your outdoor entertainment space, why not make this the year that you invest in a couple extra items that will help boost your confidence while hosting in the great outdoors. You don’t have to go crazy with a full-scale remodel - it’s about adding a couple functional items that will go that extra mile and keep everyone cozy and happy, guaranteed! Keep reading to find out how to update your outdoor space with accessories that will create the ideal hangout spot this summer season!

Pile on the Throw Pillows

A super easy and elegant way to instantly upgrade any space is by adding throw pillows. This invites your guests to get comfortable and stay a while. Having plenty of accessible pillows adds a touch of softness and class to your outdoors space. They’ll make any couch or chairs (especially wooden or plastic ones) that much more inviting. This means you can focus on outfitting the furniture you already own rather than taking on a full redecorating project. Accessorizing can surprisingly upgrade the look and feel of furniture with minimal effort. Whether you are hosting a large party, or simply having dinner outside with your household, these accents will invite everyone to linger and get comfy no matter the occasion.

However - don’t assume that just any pillow will live up to your outdoor entertainment needs. Of course, both indoor and throw pillows can provide good support and cushioning – but there is more to consider when selecting your outdoor accessories. A throw pillow is different and is considered more decorative in nature and is not often recommended for sleeping. Throw pillows come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. Mix and match and have fun with all the different patterns and designs!

It’s better to be prepared with items that are specifically made for being outdoors, as they are created to withstand the elements and uphold longer too. Exposure to sun, wind, maybe even a little rain, won’t destroy them. Being prepared will save you from scrambling to and from your home looking for items and then risking that they get damaged or dirty when outside. Having dedicated outdoor accessories really makes the difference. Bottom line: remember to keep your home pillows – the ones you use for sleeping – in your home where they belong.

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Endless Cozy Blankets

Who doesn’t love a cozy blanket, especially if a summer night turns out to be a bit cooler than expected? It’s always a nice surprise when an outdoor patio offers blankets to their patrons – think the same way for your outdoor party! Keep your guests cozy and the party will never end! Just as with throw pillows, adding cozy throws and blankets  will create a welcoming feel that will make you the star outdoor entertainment spot of the season.

When you are preparing items you need for outdoor entertainment, remember that you can never have enough throws and blankets. Especially in these cooler Canadian climates, it’s an easy way to add comfort. Having different patterns, sizes and textures will add a pop of colour to an otherwise sterile space. Patio sets are usually a monotone colour, and plastic chairs are well, plastic! Spruce up what you have by choosing the right outdoor home décor accessories. Your guests will surely want to stick around for longer once they’re all cozied up.

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A Portable Bar – Wow!

Bring the party around – literally – with a portable bar. No matter the season, a fully stocked bar is always appreciated, am I right? A portable bar can greatly help with your outdoor entertainment plans. Just like with extra throw pillow and blankets, having an accessory like a portable bar that’s ready to go will save you lots of going back and forth from the guests (who are outside) to the fridge and back. So just set it and forget it! The host is supposed to have fun too, right? It’s also a nice excuse for guests to move and meander around the party on their way to the portable bar.

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The Proper Drinkware and Tableware for the Outdoors

Take the stress out of outdoor entertainment by choosing acrylic drinkware and melamine or stoneware tableware options. Why are these materials recommended? These materials are designed to be durable and wear resistant. They’re also shatter-resistant and lightweight. In the case that it does break, there won’t be any dangerous glass to clean up. Bone china dinnerware sets should definitely be left indoors as these are more delicate and will not withstand breaking and chipping very well.

Acrylic glassware should be designated for room temperature or cold drinks. This is perfect for summer! But just in case your guests want coffee or tea served, do not place them in acrylic materials. Knowing how to take care of your accessories will help you keep your outdoor entertainment game strong year after year while also preserving the integrity of these pieces.

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No matter the season, don’t disregard the importance of planning ahead and having lots of outdoor accessories ready to spruce up the party. Being stocked with the key outdoor home décor items mentioned here will not only make your guests feel taken care of but will let you enjoy the party stress-free. All it takes is a couple accessories and you’re on your way.

Here’s to enjoying the upcoming beautiful summer season!