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Summer Style: At-Home Essentials

If your home is in need of summer style tips than look no further than this at home guide from FLATO Home.

A lot of us (and especially Canadians!) fantasize about summer for most of the year. No matter how ready we think we are, this beautiful season always seems to sneak up out of nowhere. A change in season definitely warrants a rotation of home décor items around your humble abode. 

How to Celebrate Summer at Home

Everyone waits patiently for summer. A dreary and wet Spring seems to go on forever and then suddenly – bam! – It’s summer! The arrival of a new season warrants some adjustments to instantly refresh your living space. Why not embrace a beautiful and practical summer style? Here at FLATO Home, we’re here to explore some practical home ideas that are focused on making your space extra welcoming to all the summer fun.

Welcome Summer into Your Home by Making Space For it

Seems like a no-brainer, but a great way to start creating a summer style and vibe at home is to make room for it. How? Start by putting away any Winter (dare I say Christmas?) decorations or leftover Spring décor from Easter. Extend this to other aspects of your home. You know you won’t need your gloves and winter coat for another few months. Put them out of sight in storage. Do you love knit sweaters? Put them away for now, and make room for lighter clothes to come to the front of your closet. This sort of ritual re-organization around the change of seasons will be something you’ll start to look forward to each year. It’s all about making space to welcome summer in.

A little bit goes a lot way when it comes to organization. Summer style is carefree and fun. Don’t get dragged down by extra stuff that’s reminding you of chilly days. Make space for it and your summer style will start to arrive into your home just like those first tulips searching for the sun.

Make Any Outdoor Space a Haven

Whether you have a backyard or a just a balcony, embrace the space you have and re-vamp it with a chic summer style. What could this look like? You can easily enhance your outdoor space with the addition of string lights on your balcony terrace or along your fenced backyard. Flame lanterns, solar powered lights or good old’ candles are also other options. Get creative with the arrangement of your lights. String them across your fence, have them run into glass bottles, or around trees. This will create a cozy and calming atmosphere that you can enjoy daily and wow your guests with when they come over to enjoy a warm summer evening.

Organize and Stock Your Kitchen for Outdoor Entertaining

Organization and stocking your kitchen with the right outdoor entertaining items is another step towards achieving an effortless summer style. When thinking about the materials you’ll will be using when hosting outdoors, a little bit of preparedness goes a long way. Why? Choosing dinnerware that is made to be outside – like melamine or stoneware – will prevent mishaps (like breakage) involving indoor dining pieces. As pretty as your wine glasses are, keep them – and your bone china for that matter - inside where they belong! Summer style means being prepared with the right materials to keep the party going!

Two great options for outdoor entertaining are melamine – made of hard plastic - or stoneware - made of glazed clay. These are designed to withstand breaking and chipping, which is far from the case with precious porcelain or bone China, which could break upon the slightest impact. Another perk is that due to the material they’re made of, melamine and stoneware often come in many colors and patterns, which means you can create a fun theme that fits your style.

Another benefit of investing in an outdoor entertaining dinnerware is peace of mind. Our global addiction to single-use plastic has an astounding impact on the health of our ecosystems. Instead of using disposable dinnerware, be a role model and opt out of unnecessary plastic waste at your summer gatherings. An astounding 75% of all plastic produced has ended up as waste, with about 300 million tonnes of plastic waste being created each year! Save yourself money and time in the long run by investing in a dedicated outdoor dinner set that does not end up in a landfill.

Spruce Up Your Garden & Outdoor Accessories

First things first – tackle those weeds! Make your space an outdoor haven by managing and beautifying your garden. Small steps go a long way and make your green space appear more welcoming (for guests) and manageable (for you!). Think of having your morning coffee while admiring your garden, or hosting a barbecue for loved and bringing out blankets and cushions to keep cozy at night.

Outdoor accessories and furniture are the foundation of summer style. You need the right accents to compliment the outdoors, otherwise you’ll likely miss out on the good weather by opting to stay indoors. And we just can’t have that happen! Upgrade your summer style by adding throw pillows and blankets to your outdoor space. Once the night gets chilly everyone will wants to 1) stay outside (star-gazing perhaps?) and 2) be cozy while doing so. Cushions do double duty on plastic or wooden furniture that may not be the most ergonomic. These accents not only add style but also functionality and will invite everyone to linger a little bit longer. Hello quality family time and unforgettable summer parties!

Don’t Forget the Bathroom!

We’ve covered the kitchen, closet, and outdoor spaces so far. Can a bathroom be upgraded and included in creating a summer style! Of course! One thing that is often overlooked is replacing bathroom mats. It’s a fun and easy way to do a quick summer re-vamp of your bathroom. It’s a good idea to wash these items often and have back-ups. You can think about replacing your bathroom shower curtain too by trying a fun new design. All these small steps help refresh your living space and welcome summer.

Summer is short and sweet, so embrace it with all you can! A change in season warrants a change in home décor items, don’t you think?

We hope you’ve enjoyed FLATO’s summer style tips and are ready to take on everything this long-anticipated season has to offer!!