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Newlywed Checklist: Essential Items for Your New Home

Welcome home newlyweds! As the excitement of your fairytale wedding and honeymoon fades, you might start to feel daunted by the task of establishing a new home together.

Instead of stressing, use this newlywed checklist and cross-reference the items you already have. In case you need to upgrade home décor essentials, or are purchasing something for the first time, let FLATO Home be your one stop shop for all your newlywed essentials. Ching ching!

The Ultimate Newlywed Checklist

Newlyweds have one more thing to take care of after the countless parties, wedding, and honeymoon: setting up a new home together. Logically, this means combining at least some items from two households into one. In a way, living solo compared to living together requires different responsibilities in terms of home décor. Sounds funny, but following a newlywed checklist can really help create a practical combination of items that compliment every corner of your new home.

Invest in the Home Décor Items You Need!

Consider investing in any of the items mentioned below that speak out to you, and see how they improve the quality of life in your new home. Don’t worry, you can keep using your favourite mug from college for your morning coffee, but it’s time to think bigger picture in terms of entertaining, dining and the overall presentation of your home.

Take our newlywed checklist with a grain of salt – if your space isn’t set up for hosting dinner parties then there is no need to invest in a grown-up fish set for the guests you will likely never have. It may not be the right step for where you are now but that doesn’t mean you won’t find something else practical in the checklist! Always aim to invest in those items that will really improve the way you interact and function within your new home, however that may look and whoever that may involve. Even if it’s just you and your partner for the most-part, take time to think through each space in your home and use FLATO’s newlywed checklist to help narrow down the home décor investments that will work best for YOU!


  1. High Quality Towels

Oh la la! Doesn’t everyone just love bundling up in a cozy towel after a bath or shower? If you’ve been using the same towels for years and they’ve lost their softness, it might be time to recycle them for another use. Invest in some beautiful towels and you’ll feel like you’re at the spa – we guarantee it!

What exactly gives a towel that luxurious feel? It’s all about towel GSM – a technical term that means grams per square meter and related to the quality of a towel. If you like the feel of soft towels, pay attention to the range of at least 300 up to 900 GSM. A towel with qualities of high softness, weight, absorbency and overall luxury will be in the range of 700 – 900 GSM. Don’t discount the practicality that goes along with investing in new towels. Towels are items that are used almost daily, and you always need an extra set for a guest. Make high quality towels part of your newlywed checklist and experience the undeniable touch of luxury this will add to your life on the daily.

Put it on your Newlywed Checklist:
Check out FLATO Home’s 700 GSM count Terry Towel Set


  1. Practical (and Fancy) Dinnerware

Want the celebrating to continue? Begin by investing in a beautiful dish set. It’s a sure thing that (most) newlyweds can expect a lot of guests visiting their new home the first little while after the wedding, so be prepared! Random collections of dishes and glasses may have been ok when you were in college, but now it’s definitely time to step it up a notch. Dinnerware provides a canvas for your beautiful meals, and you should be showing them off appropriately, with a matching dinnerware set.

Shopping for new dinnerware can seem like a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time! Aspects like patterns, colours, and funky design are interesting aspects to consider, and can be a fun way to express your style. Remember that the type of material should be your first consideration as it will directly relate to your dinnerware’s durability and recommended use. You don’t have to go all out, with three matching sets all at once!

Consider your budget, and what you really see yourself using when shopping for new dinnerware. Bone China, porcelain or stoneware are all great options readily available on the market that can be dressed up for a fancier party or alternatively dressed down for your morning cereal! Remember that regardless of what set you choose – choose something! Dinnerware is about so much more than serving food – it is an expression of your personality and can set the mood for any meal or occasion. Don’t let disorganization and mix-matched sets take any magic away from your table and meal!

Put it on your Newlywed Checklist:
Check out FLATO Home’s Bone China 20 Piece Dinnerware Set

FLATO Home’s 12 Piece 2 Tone Matte Stoneware Dinnerset


  1. Placemats – Trust us on this one!

So, we already talked about dinnerware, but what about placemats? Don’t underestimate the value of a placemat and its ability to jazz up your table - and protect it at the same time! Add placemats to your newlywed checklist and you’ll see how useful this home décor item will be. Consider the size of your dinner plates when shopping for placemats – the general rule of thumb is for your entire place setting to fit onto the placemat comfortably. Not sure you’re ready for the art of table setting? Check out one of FLATO’s blogs on how to set a table, we’ve got you covered! Why don’t they teach this stuff in school?

Put it on your Newlywed Checklist:
Check out FLATO Home’s Floral Cutout Placemat


  1. To the Kitchen: A Good Set of Cookware and Knives

Even if you aren’t the best cook, a durable cookware and knife set will sure make you feel like one. Maybe all you’ve needed all along is a glorious, shiny new set of cookware to get you started. A matching, durable set will help you enjoy your culinary adventures. Did we mention, cooking is a great way to bond and make new memories! As inspiring as a beautiful cookware set is, a good set of knives can also make or break your cooking endeavor. No one likes using dull knives. A good set of sharpened knives are useful in countless household activities beyond cooking. You always need a good, sharp knife to open things – like moving boxes. Consider getting a blade sharpener too, and your set will last a lifetime without the need to replace.

Put it on your Newlywed Checklist:
Check out FLATO Home’s Canadiana 10 Piece Cookware Set
Check out FLATO Home’s PADERNO 12 Piece Cookware Set

Newlyweds often scramble to get everything in order after a long haul of wedding and honeymoon related activities. The home is a base from where you start to grow many priceless memories, so instead of rushing, take time and be thoughtful about what you bring in.

Using FLATO’s newlywed checklist can help guide you in terms of the items needed to establish your dream home. Remember you are not starting from zero, but if possible, why not allow yourself a little luxury.

Remember that FLATO Home will always be there as the one stop shop for all newlywed essentials – and beyond!