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Kitchen Décor: Get it Right for Any Space

Designing your dream kitchen can come at a cost that might make your wallet shed at least a few tears. We’re talking the heavy-duty appliances, pots, pans, utensils - which all add up and can leave little room for creativity regarding kitchen décor.

But that’s the best part! Letting your imagination run wild is what brings a space to life and creates a space that is totally you! If your kitchen is looking a little utilitarian and is in need of some creative juice then look no further than these kitchen décor tips from FLATO Home!

These kitchen décor tips are designed to fit any budget and space. They’re curated to instantly refresh your living space while being easy to follow. We hope you enjoy these kitchen décor tips from FLATO Home.

Declutter and Re-Organize

kitchen decor

First things first – if you’re taking on any sort of kitchen décor project, consider decluttering and re-organizing the area at the start. The kitchen is after all a very high traffic area with lots of flow: groceries, dishes, people, papers, packages – you name it – all these things seem to pass by the kitchen regularly. It’s for this reason that order is needed in the kitchen much more than in other areas.

A chaotic environment is not practical nor livable. The first part of your kitchen décor project should be to make sure anything that adds value and is useful also has a proper storage place. Not useful means no storage space which results in that item being donated or passed along. There’s nothing like a thoroughly organized space to provide a sense of welcoming and calm. Start here and prepare to dive in to other kitchen décor tips!

Is it Time to Paint the Walls?

Maybe this is a boring place to begin tapping into your creative kitchen décor fantasies, but walls are actually an important part of kitchen décor or any space in general. They shouldn’t be ignored. The tones and colours can really set the mood of the space you are in. If you commit to one thing that will create the biggest impact it would be doing something with your walls to beautify them. So let’s get the creativity flowing.

Use cheerful and peaceful colours such as light blues and greens or even use two shades at once. Lighter colours tend to open up a space and make it feel larger and more airy. They also invite light to bounce off and create the illusion of more light – which is great for smaller kitchens. Wallpaper is always a classic choice too, just make sure the pattern makes you feel happy 

Tap Into Unused Surface Area

Do you like the idea of painting and using wallpaper? Combine them for the best of both worlds! How about putting wallpaper on the inside of your cabinet walls to add some character to these underutilized spaces? This works extremely well if you have glass cabinets. Just make sure your wallpaper pattern matches that of the paint you choose for the walls!

If you have leftover wallpaper, you can extend this tip to other surface areas – such as the inside of cabinets. Even if these aren’t visible areas – such as the bottom of a close-door drawer – it’s still feels extra special to open it up and see a pop of colour. It’s the little things afterall, right?

kitchen decor

Consider the Space You Have

Go big or go home? That doesn’t apply if you already have a small kitchen, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Regardless of what you are working with, remember that there is often lots of overlooked space just waiting to be utilized. You’ll just have to adjust your kitchen décor plans and be conscious of the space you are dealing with. For a small space to appear larger, it’s important to adopt items that will work double duty to enlarge and not cramp up your space. A smaller kitchen doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the chance for creativity and design.

Glass and light are your best friends for a small space. This goes for your appliances and well as accessories. Shiny textures around your kitchen will help reflect light, while glass cabinets or a glass kitchen table will further create the illusion of space by showing off the space that is there. Mirrors are also a great trick to create depth. They make a space look larger and they of course reflect light. You really can’t go wrong by adding a mirror or two around your kitchen.

For teeny tiny kitchens, consider removing cabinets altogether and going to open shelf storage. Lastly, scaling your furniture for your space is key. You aren’t going to place a grand wooden dining table in a small kitchen! Too much boxy furniture will cramp your kitchen décor style – literally. Small space means small furniture – think of slim bar stools, islands or a streamlined table. Basically anything you can get around without knocking your knee!

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Add Fabrics to Add Spice

Another culprit of a sterile kitchen is lack of fabrics. Things like placemats, and curtains are examples of fabrics that add depth and dimension to your kitchen décor. What’s best is these items come in many colours and prints that can be customized for the occasion.

Curtains add flow as they flutter with the fresh air coming in, and the light naturally bounces off of them too. To keep that airy feel, opt for sheer curtains that won’t block any of the sun’s cheer. Placemats and curtains are eye-catching ways of adding colour to you kitchen in areas that already exist in your home. They are just waiting for your inspiration to take hold!

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In most homes, kitchen décor is overlooked for functionality. But the two can go hand-in-hand. It’s important to still show your personal style in the kitchen, a place that is one of the most frequented in the entire home. Let FLATO Home show you our high quality products and commitment to customer service. We invite you to Upgrade to a FLATO lifestyle today.