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Throws and Blankets: What’s the Difference?

Throws and blankets are a much-loved aspect of the home. They provide warmth and comfort and can be used to showcase your personality and style throughout your home. Adding throws and blankets to your home will create a welcoming and relaxed feel.

You can never have enough throws and blankets. Especially in cooler climates, it’s an effortless way to add everyday comfort to your home. Throws and blankets can add an interesting texture or colour to an underused space. There are some differences in fabric that can help you make the right choice. What’s more, throws and blankets can help you have a longer and less disturbed sleep. Are you sold yet?

What’s the Difference Between Throws and Blankets?

Knowing the differences between throws and blankets will help you use them most effectively around the home. There is no right or wrong way to use them, but here’s what we recommend based on size distinctions and construction.

Throws: Most often used as a decorative aspect anywhere in your home. The standard dimension of a throw is 50 by 60 inches. Throws are not large enough to cover your whole body. The construction is more variable, and you can often find fun variations like fringed ends, beads, buttons etc. Throws can be displayed anywhere an accent is needed such as an office chair, sofa, or bench.

Blankets: Most often used as bedding. The standard dimension of a blanket is 60 by 70 inches, or larger, since they are designed to go on top of a bed duvet and cover your entire body. The size you need will depend on your mattress. Blankets are usually one large piece of fabric, which helps keep heat from escaping while you are snuggled in bed.

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What are the Best Materials for Throws and Blankets?

The material of throws and blankets is important to consider, since we want the most practical and gentle textures while sleeping or getting comfy on the couch. Popular fabrics like polyester are synthetic but will keep you super warm. The texture is extremely soft and easy to care for. It will not lose its texture or colour if handled with proper care.

What makes polyester so delicate to the touch is the smooth cross section of the fibers. This is a man-made material, so the fibers can be made precisely equal. This is something that cannot be guaranteed with cotton, as a natural fiber will be more variable. >Polyester is also fantastic at wicking moisture. It will no doubt be a great choice for both cold and warm nights.

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Cotton bedding, on the other hand, is a classic choice which extends to throws and blankets. Cotton is highly breathable and moisture-wicking. The breathability comes from the fact that cotton fibers are twisted and flat – like a ribbon. The cross section between the twists is where air flows through, thus giving it a nice light feel. If you’d prefer a natural fiber, you can’t go wrong with cotton. It keeps your temperature regulated, so it’s a great choice for any season.

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Cotton and polyester are both comfortable and durable materials that will stand the test of time if you follow and read the care instructions.

A New Household Staple

We now know that a throw blanket is more of a decorative accent, compared to a blanket that is larger and usually stays in the bedroom. But did you know – throws are being thrown all over, so much so that they’ve recently become a household staple. If you’d like to introduce throw blankets to your home, start by picking a spot that is central and eye-catching in your home. The sofa is a great place to start since it’s usually a larger piece of furniture and a comfy gathering spot.

Think about draping your throw over the back of the sofa or throwing it into the sofa corner behind some cushions. The arm of the sofa is a great spot too. Depending on your layout, the back of a sofa can be made a little more eye-catching with a throw along the backside. Who knew that adding a throw could enhance the look of existing furniture? You can accent anything you want - a chaise, bench, or bed with a throw. Drape it, tuck it, or fold it. Have fun with adding texture and colour around your home and livening up areas with throws.

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Did you Know? Throws and Blankets Result in Better Sleep and Relaxation

Everyone looks forward to relaxing at home as well as a restful night’s sleep. Here’s where throws and blankets come in. Covering yourself with a blanket in bed or snuggling up with a throw against your feet and legs brings you warmth. But there’s more. Covering yourself with a throw or blanket sends signals to your brain that it’s time to wind down or sleep. People with sleeping disorders may even be advised to use special weighted or heated blankets to boost these results. 

The science is out – using throws and blankets for better sleep is an option for anyone that’s having trouble getting a restful night of sleep.

We all like being warm at night, and there’s another scientific reason behind this! When your body is in its most critical sleep phase, called Rapid-Eye-Movement (REM), it drops its core temperature. This is nothing to be alarmed about, it’s simply your body’s response to sleep. The REM phase typically lasts for four hours. During this time, you rely on your pajamas, heating, pillows, sheets and, of course, blankets – to keep you warm!

No matter the season, you can have fun accenting different areas of your home with throws and blankets. Adding a splash of colour or texture can even spice up boring looking furniture in a snap! Enjoy snuggling up no matter where you are in your home.

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