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Fall Home Décor Colours – 2021 Design Trends

Fall signals change, and this offers us the opportunity to create festive and comforting spaces using fall home décor ideas.

Fall home decor trends appear far before the leaves start changing colours and dropping from trees. This is because trends continuously evolve and gain influence from other industries and how people react and feel about current world events. One undeniable event that has impacted us all has been the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The restrictions and constantly changing news taught us plenty about the importance of our surroundings with regards to our well-being and mental health. Appreciating the outdoors and connecting with nature is something many have turned to in order to feel a sense of calm amidst an ever-changing and confusing situation.

When we think about Fall, we think about a few key elements; from wearing knit sweaters and extra layers to getting cozy on the couch to carving pumpkins and watching the leaves change colour. The classic oranges, reds and yellows that appear outside signal that these changes are occurring and that it’s time get ready for a chillier (and cozier) season ahead.

This newly formed indoor-outdoor connection is being reflected in the way we style our homes and the colours we choose to decorate with. Bringing warm neutral colours, earthy tones and natural fibers to your furnishings and fabrics this Fall is one way of bringing the cozy season into your home.

Are you ready to try something new, but don’t know where to start? Try experimenting with one or two of our recommendations below to incorporate Fall home décor trends into your indoor space this year. You’ll find that playing around with any of these trends alongside classic seasonal colours will seamlessly add a touch of personality and warm up your home. 

Fall Trend 1: Try Warm Neutrals for a Calming Effect

Warm neutrals are more than a trend

Flashy colour trends pop up and are gone in an instant. Time and time again, designers return to warm neutrals such as tan, beige, light browns, and greys to add an element of timelessness to any space. The plus side? Decorating with warm neutrals is easy! Neutral colours can be found in abundance in pillows, throw blankets and table settings. Using warm neutrals can give your home a classic and cozy feel while helping you feel more connected to nature.

What is a warm neutral?

Warm neutrals, such as cream, will have yellow, orange or red undertones. Contrasting warm neutrals with black, white, or grey elements is an easy way to enhance your Fall décor.

The global shift towards warm neutrals

Globally, there has been a shift towards these more muted, softer colours due to the welcoming and calming sense they bring. This has been evident both in commercial settings as offices begin to open, as well as in personal homes which continue to function as offices for the time being. In the coming year, expect to see warmer tones in various interiors – home, office, retail – since everyone will want to make spaces fell more comforting and serene as the welcome people back in. 

Fall Trend 2: Keep it Natural with Earthy Tones

Earthy tones will shine bright this Fall season

There is no better time than Fall to introduce the trendiest earth-inspired tones such as deep browns, taupes, greens and even blues! Just picturing these colours makes you feel like you’re in a lush forest watching the changing colours of the leaves. You might disagree with these colour choices for your home, but it’s all about mixing them in with warm neutrals or brighter Fall colours like oranges and reds. For example, blue and orange are complimentary colours, so why not throw some orange pillows onto your blue comforter and see how the entire room transforms? 

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Choose darker, richer colours

Try adding darker accents with richly coloured pillows or adding a dark-forest green runner to your dining table. Adding a bit of shine with some metal accents will also help reflect light and bring that earthy, nature-inspired piece to life. Mixing up various colours will extend your decorating efforts to last beyond just one season and will also keep things interesting. No matter the time of year, natural earthy tones help bring a sense of calm and warmth to any space.

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How the Two Trends Complement Each Other

Bright fall colours, dark earthy tones and warm neutrals can feel like a lot to handle. However, they all go hand-in-hand and can complement each other beautifully if paired correctly. A warm neutral base will help a bold and bright colour palette tie a room together without looking too overwhelming.

Any pop of colour (dark or bright) can be complemented with a warm neutral wallpaper, natural wood flooring, or neutral grey or beige couch. Adding nature-inspired décor aspects made of natural fibers like linen, clay, wood or wicker can really bring these trends to the next level. Having warm neutrals in place and then allowing colours to appear in various places such as tablecloths, pillows, plant pots or other accents will let both styles shine through effortlessly.

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Fall is the perfect time to start making your spaces feel warm and cozy. Warm neutrals and earthy tones are at the forefront of current fall home décor trends, although these have always been classic choices and will remain timeless options. The past year and a half has helped us realize the great power that indoor décor and colour palettes can have in grounding us and giving us the sense of security and comfort we’ve all been craving.