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Winter Décor Ideas to Banish the Blues!

It’s that time of year again. Colourful trees and mild temperatures are quickly being replaced with cold weather and a grey environment.

Reduced sunlight, change in temperature and grey colours make everything look (and feel) a bit drab. That’s where our winter decor ideas come in. There are many quick fixes you can apply to your home that will rejuvenate and lift everyone’s spirits during this time of year.

Not quite ready for the holiday spirit? You can create a stylish home this winter without pulling out the holiday lights, wreaths, or ornaments just yet. From getting cozy with throws and blankets, to adding some interesting design elements, let’s explore some winter decor ideas that will take your home from boring to beyond amazing!

Add Throws and Blankets Everywhere

As the temperatures dip, you start to crave warmth. That’s where throws and blankets come in as a top winter decor idea to help ease those winter blues with some warmth and coziness. Beyond keeping us warm, throws and blankets can add an interesting texture or colour palette to an underused space – think of an office chair, bench, or couch shoulder. Make them easily accessible – in a large hamper in the living room or just effortlessly throw them onto the sofa. Go ahead and try it! This is one décor trend that will keep you snug all winter long.

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Add Cushions for Support and Décor!

Colder temperatures mean hibernation mode. You’re more inclined to cozy up with a hot cup of tea and get caught up in a great book or a new television series. Why not add cushions to the mix? Prop yourself up and settle in for the night. Using pillows for support – whether its behind your lower back, under your knees – or wherever feels best for you – can help reduce pressure on your spine. That’s important, considering how much down time we spend sitting! Even if you swear that you have the comfiest couch in the neighborhood, we recommend taking this winter decor idea to heart and adding in some cushions. Remember to slide one under your lumbar spine, to ease pressure on your lower back. In addition to the comfort, throw pillows are an excellent way to enhance the style elements of your space! Read more about how to choose the right throw pillows.

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Get Some New Bowls

Keeping with the ‘warm’ trend, this winter décor idea is about revamping your bowl collection. Afterall, stew and soup season is now upon us. Adding a pop of colour is much needed during these grey days. Just think about warming your hands around a hot bowl of soup – yes please!

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Light Up the Night

With the sun setting earlier, darkness is taking up a significant amount of our days. It’s natural to want to stay inside once it gets dark and chilly outside. That’s where candles come in. Large pillar candles should be a staple in every home. They give a sort of mystical and medieval feel to a room, especially if you have several stacked together. You can also dress up your dining room table or nightstand with candle holders of various sizes. Candle plates or holders can reflect the candlelight especially if they are made of metal. You won’t be disappointed by the twinkling lights, and you might find yourself doing a candle lighting ritual every night to wind down. There’s an unbeatably comforting feeling candles can bring to a room – try it out for yourself!

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Silver and Glittery Décor

Another winter decor idea that doesn’t scream “holidays” but is still on point with the season is using silver or glittery accents. These elements bring shine and a touch of luxury to your home. Leave them out when the guests start coming by for the holidays, they’ll fit right in with the seasonal décor, making it an easy transition once you’re ready to get into the holiday spirit. Using silver or glittery decor will also help reflect light – especially twinkling candlelight! Your home will look and feel a bit brighter.

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Incorporate Classic Elegance

When you look good, you feel good – and the same goes for the spaces in your home. Another great winter décor idea is to start including classic luxe pieces. It’ll make you feel better about being stuck inside when it’s too cold to venture out. Timeless pieces are often also simple, and aesthetically pleasing. Try using classic materials instead of trendy ones. Go for finishes like marble, wood, or silver and gold. You can’t go wrong with classic pieces.

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Having fun with winter décor ideas does not have to be complicated or overwhelming. Transitioning your home to a more winter-ready version takes time and there are no rules about when it must happen. There is no pressure to get all the holiday décor out just yet. Take a breath before the hectic holiday season dawns and allow yourself to get cozy in your home as the seasons change.