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Bamboo Paper: A Sustainable Choice for Your Home

Bamboo paper products are 100% tree free and made from an alternative bamboo grass material. It’s the latest rage in home decor. Why? Using tree paper is environmentally responsible, so it feels good. Aside from the attractive prices, bamboo paper products are also soft, absorbent, marine safe and whitened without harsh chemicals. What’s not to love?

The Call for Sustainable Bamboo Paper Products

Before we explore the importance of using bamboo paper products, let’s see where this need began. Without a doubt, trees have been used to produce goods for centuries.

Historically, the raw materials to make ships and build infrastructure came from wood. In modern day, the demand for timber and paper products continues to put a strain on the world’s forests.

The human population is globally rising, and the demand for paper products will follow-suit. Without alternatives, this means more and more of the planet’s trees are cut down.

Tree pulp, water and an army of chemicals are the ingredients in conventional paper-production methods used today. This process is destructive both in the field (logging, deforestation and loss of habitat for wildlife) and during production (chemical waste, further degradation of the environment).

Deforestation isn’t only caused by paper production, and the issue is far-reaching and multifaceted. The World Wildlife Fund states that forests worldwide are under threat, with the main causes being agriculture, poorly planned infrastructure and illegal logging. A staggering statistic from 2019 estimated that tropical forests lose the equivalent of 30 soccer fields’ surface area every minute.

This sounds like the ultimate call for action. There are ways you can start to protect the world's forests within your home - and it can begin with the choice of using tree free or bamboo paper products.

bamboo paper

The Importance of Using Bamboo Paper Products

It’s plain to see that it is necessary to consider paper alternatives. The consumption of towels and tissues are high, due to the ease of use. If your family will continue to use these paper products daily, consider switching to tree free bamboo paper products.

If you consider yourself environmentally conscious, then encourage your family and friends to switch to bamboo paper products today. FLATO Home bamboo paper products are just what you are looking for.

Using bamboo paper products is an effortless way to use more ethically sourced materials for things such as toilet paper and facial tissue.

A snapshot of our eco-friendly bamboo paper product line include:

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Soft & Tree Free Toilet Paper, 24 Double Rolls = 48 Single Rolls
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What Makes Bamboo Paper Products Better for our Forests?

Bamboo is a fast growing plant. How fast? Bamboo can be ready to harvest in just 3-5 years after its first planting. A managed bamboo forest can reach maturity in just one growing season, about 3-4 months. The growth will vary depending on the bamboo species - a family of plants that totals almost 1,290 different bamboo types. Wow!

This is remarkable when compared to the slower rate of hardwood trees - those traditionally used for paper pulp production - which may take between 50-100 years to reach a harvestable level. This makes sense: we know that the largest, most majestic trees are also the oldest.

Commercial forest management continues to adapt its techniques to provide solutions that are environmentally sound. However, trees will never grow any faster than they naturally can. A large caveat in forestry is that humans are managing a habitat - such as a forest - that takes almost an entire human lifetime to renew itself.

That’s where bamboo steps in. This hardy plant can be harvested without killing the core. This is different compared to trees, whose stump does not regenerate into a full new tree.

Bamboo is truly a powerful plant, which makes it a great eco-friendly alternative for sourcing bamboo paper products such as tissues, towels and toilet paper.

Bamboo Paper Products: The Obvious Eco-Friendly Choice

We now can clearly see that unlike traditional tree-based products, bamboo paper products use a highly renewable resource. What’s more, bamboo does not rely on heavy chemical/pesticide use and is less destructive to the environment upon cutting.

FLATO Home carries a complete line of tree-free bamboo paper products that can be found on the FLATO Home website. What makes FLATO’s products special is that they are 100% tree free, without fragrances, dyes, lotions, corn or wheat. The bamboo paper is whitened without harmful bleach, and instead uses hydrogen peroxide to get the classic and clean white look. Our products are also soft and septic safe.

FLATO is proud of our commitment to sustainability with this breakthrough line of products that has such a positive impact on the environment. You also don’t have to sacrifice comfort or quality for sustainability - you can have it all with bamboo paper products.

Wipe, and feel good about it! Visit the FLATO Home website to view our complete line of tree-free bamboo paper products!