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Pet Care: Steps towards a Pet-Friendly Home

Pets are no doubt a big part of our families, and even though they can’t exactly speak up about their needs – it doesn’t mean they don’t have any. This won’t require a massive renovation project - unless you are starting a pet day care! For most households, improving your space at home for your pets is as simple as considering a few pet-friendly details. Use these tips from FLATO HOME to get started.

Pet Care Starts At Home

We share our home with beloved pets and people. Although it seems like pets can sometimes run the show at home – such as getting comfy on the couch or in the bed – this ‘acting out’ may be happening because your pet doesn’t have a comfy, designated space of their own. Having the perspective that our pets are living, feeling and needing individuals – just like our human counterparts – will help to improve your home for your pets with ease. Begin with the tips below!

Pet care can begin at home by simply re-thinking small but important details for your fuzzy friends. Perhaps when you take a moment to look at your current lay-out, design or décor, it’s just not as pet-friendly as you thought. Let’s hop in and see what home improvement projects will be essential for the pets in your home.

Pet-Friendly Flooring is Everything

Flooring is an important aspect in any home, and has huge implications for pet-owners. Although re-doing the floor is a bigger concept to consider for pet care, it is one that will manage wear-and-tear in the long run. Floors get scratched one way or another and your dog doesn’t know the difference between flooring types. Those nails will scratch away! One option is to choose vinyl wood look-a-like tiles. These are less expensive and require less maintenance. This is a great tip for those considering to re-model a new home to make it more pet-friendly.

Add More to the Floor: Heat!

The ground floor has a lot to offer in terms of pet care. Think about it, our pets stay at ground level far more often than us! Get down to their level. Heated floors in the bathroom or in your pet’s favourite room will be a savior for pets who may get cold easily, or those returning from a snowy walk. This will also be a welcome addition for older pets that are less active and get cold more easily. Pet care doesn’t have to be extremely expensive. Heated flooring is surprisingly affordable to buy and install. A nice bonus is that this creates a cozier home for humans too!

Consider Pets in your Home Décor

Pets have natural instincts which should be considered in your at-home pet care projects. This extends home décor purchases, and especially furniture. You don’t have to let your pets cramp your style, but taking some time to research how to clean and maintain your new furniture will be worthwhile. This extra step will help you protect it when those instincts to scratch, climb or jump kick in.

Different animals have different habits, and even with your best efforts your pets can still smell bad, shed a lot of hair, and make an occasional mess. It’s all about thinking about the adjustments that won’t trap bad odours, and will be easier to clean. You can even match your carpet or rugs to your pet’s hair to help mask it! If you don’t like that idea, get rid of the carpet altogether and consider vinyl or tiled flooring (see the tip above). It’s not selfish to consider the home décor aspects on the basis that they are easier to clean and maintain. If these choices result in a cleaner and stress-free environment then it’s safe to say needs are being met.

A Designated Indoor Pet Sanctuary

An undeniable pet care home upgrade is of course, creating a designated space for your pets. Just like humans, animals need their own space. A cozy corner (or unused closet) for a dog bed, a hidden nook for a cat, or placing enclosed animals such as birds or fish near natural light are examples that can greatly improve the quality of your pet care. Especially for cats and dogs, pet sanctuaries can help them keep calm there is new stimulation at home such as having guests over. If you have an unused space that can be insulated or draped over with a blanket, this can also make it cozier and soundproof for such occasions. You can greatly improve your pet’s life and reduce anxiety in their daily lives using this method.

Pets will understand that spot is for them, and will be inclined to go there instead of the couch, or your bed. A designated indoor sanctuary can also prevent them for getting into mischief, since they’ll be less inclined to find new places, squeeze into tight spots or set up camp in an unwanted human-only space. It creates a better space for all, when each family member has their little relaxation spot.

Added Pet Care Improvements

If you want to do more in terms of pet care and really knock the ball out of the park, then consider home upgrades such as ramps, wash stations and doggy doors.

Ramps: We already talked about heated floors benefitting older pets, but another affordable option are outdoor pet ramps that can help pets get up and down stairs. Your pet will be more excited to get outside without those potentially anxiety-inducing stairs. How affordable are we talking? It can be as simple as adding a large piece of plywood to the porch or patio.

Dog Wash Stations: This will benefit both of you. Your dog will have a designated check-point area where messes can be handled prior to spreading all over the house. This in turn, means less cleaning for you! An added bonus is that a dog wash shower can even increase the value of your home. Pet care really does pay off!

Doggy Door: Perhaps the most classic pet care option is a doggy door. It avoids accidents inside since your pet is free to move in and out but also allows them to change up their scenery when they need it. This goes for both dogs and cats. This sort of freedom is unmatched. Consider installing a doggy door if your yard has a fence.

Pet care is important and can start at home. Considering your pets in your home décor decisions is wise, but does not have to cramp your style. It’s important to take your furry friends into consideration, as any other member of the family. Taking a moment to evaluate the function of your home with your pet in mind will not only allow you to better care for your animals, but will give you piece of mind as well.