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Winter Home Decor: Stay Cozy This Season

Winter always gives us those cozy vibes, and for good reason! As we begin to spend more time indoors, it’s normal to want to spruce things up around the house. Let’s get to some irresistible winter home decor ideas that will brighten and invigorate your home this holiday season and beyond.

Winter Home Decor: The Trends Are In!

If you are looking to decorate your home this winter, you’re in the right place. Winter can be a tough time to decorate, since more of the attention is on Christmas and the holidays. We know there’s usually a long winter ahead of us, so why not make the comfort of the holidays last all season long? So, how do you style your home to make the most of the frostiest months, until the snow (finally) melts?

Are you wondering how to maximize the coziness of your winter home decor? We’re glad you asked, because FLATO HOME is your one stop shop for everything home related from the bedroom, kitchen to the living room and decor. Pretty much, we’re experts at this stuff – so let’s weigh in on the winter home decor trends and provide some beautiful, quality products that you can bring into your home to cozy it up. These items were chosen so you can start slow and warm up to each trend. Our thought is that if you are indeed, ‘trapped’ inside due to cold weather, why not create a living room and bedroom that you absolutely love.

How to Get Started with Winter Home Decor

A cozy look is always comfortable but goes the extra mile when the cooler weather sets in. How you decorate your home should always be based on your personal style, but winter home decor trends will dictate what you see in stores and what is most sought after this season. Let’s weigh in on what the trends are forecasting for us as the temperatures start to dip.

Earthy Tones

Earthy tones is a trend that continues to reign supreme in the cooler months. Introducing warm neutral colours, earthy tones and natural fibers is a sure-fire way to bring the cozy season inside (minus the fire). The colour scheme can include tan, beige, light browns, and greys. Just think of any colour that occurs wherever nature is found.

The ‘trend’ here is connecting with nature, which isn’t a big surprise since the outdoors bring people a sense of calm and serenity. Even if you live in a condo downtown, being surrounded by earthy tones will leave you feeling more grounded. Other super trendy colours are browns, taupes, greens and even blues. When everything is dull and bleak outside, it’s no wonder that being surrounded by earthy tones brings a sense of calm, and perhaps the promise of spring and balmy temperatures on the horizon.

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Matte Metallic

There’s something about metallic pieces that look super modern and chic. The holidays are full of glitter, but for this winter décor trend we’re talking metallic a la matte. Something textured that’s not too flashy. Champagne bronze or warm brassy colours will do the trick. These materials will naturally bounce off light and add a touch of sparkle. Couple a mirror with a matte metallic frame for even more light-reflecting capabilities. The lack of light in the winter makes us want to harness it, and having some metallic pieces around the house will help disperse light in your home (natural or not), adding to the overall ambiance.

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Focus on the Fireplace

There are few joys that can replace the feeling of a warm fireplace, which is why it’s on our winter décor trend list! You may be wondering, is this really a trend? The fireplace is usually a large focal point in the home, which is why it’s worthwhile to have fun with it in terms of winter home decor. Adding string-lights over the mantelpiece, and those matte metallic pieces we mentioned earlier will help bounce light in every which way. Result: a roaring fire plus perfect, dreamy ambiance

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Turn the Lights Down & Get Cozy

Lighting has been a major focus of this winter home decor list. No surprise therefore, that cozy lighting is a definitive trend to get behind. Light becomes sparse and precious in the winter, so much so that many people feel the effects of lack of light on their mood and health. Create a beautiful, peaceful oasis by adding lights that aren’t harsh on the eyes such as yellow light. We can’t suddenly generate more daylight, but we can create it in our homes. Give it a try and see how it makes your space suddenly more inviting and tolerable on those cold winter nights.

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Warm Wood Elements

Adding warm wood elements to your winter home decor game will complement and enhance the earth tone trend mentioned earlier. Wooden elements is a hot trend for this winter. Depending on whether you’re in full on renovations or simply accessorizing, you can add wood in small or big ways. Sanding down and varnishing wood floorboards is a timeless choice. If you want to add wood in more subtle ways, you can add a carved bowl to your table as a centerpiece, add (or make your own!) driftwood art, or explore putting up wooden picture frames to your walls.

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You can begin to explore each of these winter home decor trends bit by bit, in a way that isn’t overwhelming. If you aren’t sure what you’ll really like, start with small elements such as those from FLATO HOME that we’ve suggested here under each trend description. Most importantly, do what feels right for you, and enjoy the process. What is your favorite trend that you want to try this upcoming winter season?