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When to Change Bed Sheets and Why It’s Important

Keeping your home clean is important for many reasons and is linked to both improved physical and mental health. Many of us think of our beds as an oasis of sorts, since it’s a place of relaxation and of course some good long snoozes. Just like any place in our home, the bed requires attention to remain as clean and healthy as can be. Understanding when to change bed sheets is a good place to start this journey.

If you have to ask yourself when to change bed sheets, you need to read this article. Think of when your favourite clothes end up in the laundry hamper - you wash the clothes so you have something to wear. However, how often do you know your sheets need a wash but you put it off another day - or week, or two?

If the above describes you, then it's time to stop and give those bed sheets some well deserved love. Let's explore when to change bed sheets and why it’s important for a multitude of factors.

When to Change Bed Sheets: The Basics

Before we point any fingers, let’s weigh in on what the experts are saying about when to change bed sheets. Many recommend weekly washings. If this comes as a shock then you're not alone.

Sheets accumulate a lot of bacteria and matter such as dead skin cells, dust mites and fecal matter (if you sleep naked). This is a natural process, and nothing to be alarmed about. Human skin is constantly shedding and dust mites are unavoidable roommates that enjoy our mattress, pillow and bed sheets. C’est la vie!

If you are in the habit of jumping into bed right after you get home from the outdoor world in the clothes you had on, then you bet your bottom dollar that other particles, dirt and bacteria can also end up in your bed with you. Good practice would be to have a designated set of ‘house clothes’ that you change into before you get in bed. Remember to also regularly wash your pajamas as well!

The basics are as such: bacteria and matter end up in our bed and it’s unavoidable. It is important to recognize when to change bed sheets based on your routines and habits.

A Healthy Bed Banishes Moisture and Bacteria

Our homes are insulated so they naturally trap moisture and dust inside - especially in the winter months when windows are shut. To relieve humidity, try to open windows when possible or have fans to move air around.

Dust mites love moisture and so do bacteria and fungi. Hygiene experts advise that there is no concrete answer to when to change bed sheets, but often - such as weekly - is best. You do not want to encourage and trap moisture to linger for long. Experts say that a cold or bugs (such as those from food poisoning) can survive on linens even after a wash. Washing in hot water, or with an antibacterial detergent will do the trick.

when to change bed sheets

When is More Frequent Bed Sheet Washing Needed?

As mentioned above, your lifestyle will affect when to change bed sheets in your home. There are many factors that may encourage you to wash bed sheets weekly such as allergies or dust sensitivity, if you have open cuts or wounds that are healing, you sweat a lot (or live in a hotter climate), your pets sleep in the bed, you eat in bed, and you tend to go to bed without showering. If these things are part of your daily life, consider your needs around when to wash bed sheets.

What If I Avoid Washing My Bed Sheets?

Well my friend, there is no way around this one. It doesn’t matter how clean of a person you are, your sheets need to be washed. This is because skin, hair, and bacteria will always accumulate in a place we spend on average 7 hours bundled up in. It might not make you outright sick, but the exposure to accumulated dirt and dust each night for many hours could trigger allergies, eczema and acne. The safer bet is definitely to just throw those sheets in the laundry!

Ok, I’ll Be Good - How Do I Keep My Sheets Cleaner, For Longer?

You’ve seen the light (or rather, the dust) and want to do better. Hurrah! Keeping sheets clean between washings requires some simple lifestyle changes. Here are some things we recommend:

  • Keep food and pets out of bed
  • Shower before sleeping - this gets rid of some dead skin cells and hair but also gets rid of sweat and dirt from your body
  • Dedicated ‘house’ or ‘bed’ clothes if you are going to rest there before bedtime
  • Go to bed with a cleansed face - no makeup!
  • Let oils and lotions (for hair and skin) sink in completely before getting onto your sheets

Is It Time To Replace My Sheets?

If you want a completely clean slate, why not replace your bed linens and pillowcases altogether? This would be advantageous if your sheets are very old and have been used for many years. Don’t hesitate to replace your sheets if it’s been a while. Always remember to follow the label for washings, as this will help you remove allergens, dirt and dust most effectively.

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When To Change Bed Sheets: Our Takeaway Message

Clean sheets are good for your health. Don’t harbour bacteria and dust in your bed oasis. Changing your sheets bi-weekly or weekly will be well worth it. Let us know if you experience any health benefits from this lifestyle change. Sweet dreams from Flato Home!