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Home Office Perfection: Tips for Design and Function

There is no doubt that the use of a home office, along with the option to work from home, is here to stay.

Don’t discount the importance of a functional home office. Whether you rely on it as your business headquarters or simply a space you sit down to pay bills, make it a place that will continue to inspire and bring you focus.

“Working from home will be great! It’s going to be so relaxing!”

This was the sentiment many of us believed once the pandemic unraveled and forced us to work remotely. Working at home won’t be so bad, right?

The last few years have been all about striking a balance, and boy was it difficult at times. There is no doubt that the pandemic has challenged and changed some people’s notions about working from home.

Some of us are still trying to get into the groove of things.

With working from home still a prevalent option and reality for most of us, how can the situation be improved as to best support well-being?

One sure way is to insist on creating a home office represents an oasis, a place where you can tuck away to focus and get the ball rolling with whatever project you have coming up.

Why such an emphasis on the home office? Working from home is a long term trend, so designing an home office that supports you physically and mentally is a much needed long term investment in your well-being.

The home office is a natural place where you get your creative juices flowing. If you are looking for inspiration and to unleash your creativity, you can first funnel it into a re-design project.

You may be surprised to see how inspiring the completion of a project can be, especially one that is focused on your needs. Let your creative process run wild – here, there and everywhere!

Consider these home office design tips and start getting creative so you can refresh your home office space. You will not regret taking on this project in your home today!

1. Home Office Location – Make it Count!

Is your home office currently cramped or being forced to exist in a place that does not maximize efficiency? A spare bedroom designated for storage, that one free corner squished up beside a TV, or a dimly lit area is the demise of the at-home office.

You are likely going to spend a lot of time in your home office, and the above described set-ups are cringe-worthy! That rarely-used guest room can be converted to at-home office. Worry about guests when the time comes and instead focus on the aspects in your home that can improve your everyday life. This is a very worthy endeavor.

Everyone lives with a different amount of family members, set up and activity level within their household. Another important aspect in terms of home office location is how many distractions you can handle. Placing your home office in a high-traffic area such as in or near the kitchen – is a recipe for disaster in the wrong conditions. It all comes down to preference as well as your line of work. If you take many calls or in-person meetings, consider creating a private sectioned off space away from the hustle and bustle.

2. Go for Both Form and Function

Part of getting creatively inspired while you work from home is creating an at-home office that serves you in function and form. Picture the basic cubicle office set up. No wonder many people bring in office plants and photos to create a warmer space. Do the same at home. Opt for a furniture that gets you excited to sit down and get to work. Invest in pieces you are proud to have in your home.

The saying, ‘look good, feel good’ applies here. If your home office looks good, you’ll get that spark to sit down and get to work. Even if you are completely virtual and no one ever lays eyes on your home office set-up, make it a space you love to be in.

3. Visualize The Space You Crave

Beyond the physical aspects you can change such as replacing furniture, what more can be done to maximize form? Visualize a space that is your perfect home office. One that will give you the most peace, focus and energy. Be selfish – what do you need in order to thrive?

What would be hanging on the walls, what colour would those walls be? Create or purchase art that will bring your space to life, and paint the walls a colour you love. Why not? Certain colours affect our mood, so choose wisely. If you want a spot with lots of light and plants, give yourself a view by setting up near a window. Although positioning a desk facing the wall seems like a productivity hack for some, if you know you thrive in a space with a window, make is so!

4. Consider Ergonomics

We just mentioned form and function in terms of your home office, but physical health is also very important. We know that some of the furniture we have adopted for our home office are wreaking havoc on our bodies. A chair that is not designed for deskwork, such as dining chairs or foldable chairs are often not designed for long-term use such as an 8 hour office day.

An adjustable and dedicated office chair is worth every penny, if you haven’t invested in one yet. If you can’t afford a proper office chair, there are many other tips to promote physical health at home that are ergonomically beneficial. This includes taking breaks to move, keeping your chin up (as to relieve neck, shoulder and back pain), resting your eyes, keeping arms tucked in, and keeping posture in mind throughout the day (repositioning your chair and desk as needed).

5. Accessorize Accordingly

Your at-home office is just that – a working space. Use accessories that enhance or mimic the feel of an office. A sturdy lamp, notepads and a pencil holder. Keep your workspace clean and tidy just as you would if you were surrounded by people in an office or meeting with clients.

Keeping your home office truly designated as such will help prevent you from getting lazy and rolling onto the couch or bed to take a rest. This is another advantage of a designed home office space – how many of us have tried (and likely failed?) at working or studying from bed? Create a space that will inspire focus and creativity for your working hours.

The home office is not a trend, it’s definitely here to stay. If you are still lacking a designated space for your business and creative projects, consider carving out a spot for a home office. Regardless of what you do, having a place that inspires you will surely lead to countless creative possibilities.