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Sustainable Home Décor: FLATO’s Commitments

FLATO Home makes many commitments to its customers, community and environment. As a whole we strive for the best customer service and products that fit your home and are also good for the planet. From sustainable home decor using reclaimed wood to tree free toilet paper, shopping at FLATO gives you the options to get curious and explore sustainable product alternatives.

If you are curious about incorporating sustainable home decor elements into your home, but aren’t quite sure where to start, you’re in the right place. Here, we will explore some options for making more environmentally conscious choices at home. Every home has a different style, but at FLATO we are certain that sustainable home decor can fit in anywhere.

Let’s first cover what sustainability is in terms of home decor and design. What is the difference, and what is all the hype about? Choosing earth-friendly materials, finishes and products does not mean sacrificing beauty or functionality. It can indeed be the best of both worlds.

What about building resilient communities? Afterall, a strong and healthy community means more opportunity to come together, share ideas and move towards sustainability. FLATO believes that creating community through connection and support are just as important as offering sustainable home decor options.

What is Sustainable Home Decor?

Let’s first understand the principles of sustainability to better see why your choices as a consumer matter. Choosing to shop sustainably can mean any number of things. At the basis, it means creating a space using materials that are environmentally friendly and resource-efficient.

Some examples include choosing to use ethically sourced materials (such as wood, bamboo paper products), using alternative chemicals that are not harsh on the environment, or choosing to buy furniture made of reclaimed wood.

All of these options are available to you when you shop at FLATO Home. From beautiful reclaimed wood furniture, to our breakthrough line of bamboo paper products, we have sustainable home decor options available that you’ll love. FLATO has made a commitment to sustainability, and so can our customers.



Try FLATO’s Bamboo Paper Products

Sustainable home decor does not have to mean a total overhaul of your home. It can mean changing habits in a meaningful way, such as choosing to use tree free paper products. You still get a quality product while helping alleviate the pressures on our world's forests that leads to widespread deforestation and threatens our ecosystems.

This is where bamboo paper products come into play. Using tree free paper is better for you and the environment. How so?

The complete line of FLATO Home’s bamboo paper products are 100% tree free, and made without fragrances, dyes, lotions, corn or wheat. The paper is whitened without harmful bleach, and instead uses hydrogen peroxide which still gives the classic clean look. The products are soft and septic safe.

Visit the FLATO Home website to view the complete line of tree-free bamboo paperproducts. Take a step towards sustainability and add one or more of these products to your home today.

Take a Look at Reclaimed Wood Furniture

FLATO offers more sustainable home decor options through its selection of reclaimed wood products. Reclaimed wood is more sustainable because it extends the lifetime of that material (avoiding landfills) and reduces the demands to cut down, process and transport newly cut wood for brand new products.

Reclaimed wood is also more durable than newly harvested wood. Since the material has already been exposed to changing temperatures and other elements in its lifetime, the reclaimed wood material is less likely to split and warp over time. Another advantage of reclaimed wood is that a mixture of different wood materials can add a modern and unique look. No one piece will be the same as the next.

Check out FLATO Home’s
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Dark Taupe and Black Metal Console Table with 2 Open Shelves
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Building Resilient Communities

Although not exactly a sustainable home decor item you can buy or touch, building resilient communities is an important aspect of sustainability. Why? It can lead to a more connected and sustainable way of living. If people are happier and healthier, they can make more informed choices for their home and environment.

It is through community building that people share ideas and come together to come up with solutions. Sustainability is linked to social challenges, and for this reason it’s important to highlight the significant impact community work has in moving towards this goal.

FLATO Home makes a commitment to the communities in many ways. The FLATO Charity Store features custom artwork that has been donated by local artists in support of the Shelburne Splash Pad Foundation. These purchases give 100% of the proceeds to the foundation in order to fund this community project. FLATO Home is inspired by style but also better living in every sense of the word.

FLATO also works with hospitals such as the Ross Memorial Hospital located in Lindsay, Canada. FLATO donated a remarkable $3 millionto support local healthcare, the largest donation in the hospital's history. The proceeds will go towards enhancing patient care and services. This contribution will have a lasting impact on the lives of many patients and families.

FLATO HOME is proud of the commitment to the environment through offering sustainable home decor products and remaining active in the communities we serve through fundraising and other project support. FLATO believes in supporting the communities that we build in. Offering a helping hand along with choices for our customers to live more sustainably is our goal. Check out all FLATO Home has to offer now!