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Tree Free Toilet Paper: The Superhero Saving our Trees

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that today’s global consumption of resources is accelerating at a rapid rate. The demand for our world’s forests to provide materials has not diminished, and these resources are continuously overwhelmed. Using tree free toilet paper is a great sustainable solution. Let’s explore why tree free toilet paper is here to stay.

The Demand on Our World’s Trees

The world’s population reached 8 billion in late 2022, and this is thanks to improvements in public health, personal hygiene, medical advances and better nutrition. Although this is a great moment in human history, it also raises the question of how humans are going to continue to care about the environment amidst the continuous demand. One way to do this is by mindfully choosing to purchase eco-friendly or sustainable paper products such as tree free toilet paper.

Toilet Paper Made from Trees is Not Sustainable

Tree free toilet paper is not made from mature hardwood trees that are typically cut down for this purpose. Although forests are renewable in that they can grow back, it takes many years. The timespan for a forest to regrow is likely to surpass the average human lifespan! There is a great need to use an alternative source of raw material for products such as toilet paper.

Bamboo: The Superhero for Saving Our Trees

So who’s the superhero coming in to save the day? Bamboo of course! Bamboo paper is tree-free because it is made of an entirely different source. Part of the answer to saving our forests is choosing to use ethically sourced materials for toilet paper. Look no further than bamboo tree free toilet paper.

Toilet Paper From Trees Is Harmful to the Environment

A staggering 900 million trees are harvested each year for paper alone. It is estimated that about 27,000 trees get flushed each and every day. The typical North American uses 3 rolls of toilet paper a week! This points to the fact that yes, humans use a lot of toilet paper, which is putting an enormous strain on the environment.

Trees are part of the environment and provide far-reaching ecosystem services. These benefits are both cultural, biological and more. One good example is viewing a forest as a home for wildlife. But underneath the surface, trees also provide climate regulation by cooling the temperature (providing shade), managing floods (by stabilizing the forest floor with their roots), providing water filtration, and providing an overall stabilizing effect for the nutrient cycle, soil formation and more.

When forests are cut down, this careful balance is disrupted, usually at the detriment of all the biodiversity (animals, plants, fungi, insects, microorganisms) that relied on it. Deforestation leads to erosion, flooding and washing away of these carefully balanced systems that took centuries or longer to establish themselves. The soil washes away, and leads to infertile soil. Wildlife no longer has shelter and food, so it may wander into urban areas or die off completely. The loss of forests means the loss of so much more that meets the eye. It’s a chain effect that only leads to loss.

In order to consume responsibly, the demand on our forests needs to be reduced.

How Tree Free Toilet Paper Preserves our Environment

Since we use so much toilet paper, wouldn’t it make more sense to use something that grows (almost) as quickly as the urge to run to the bathroom? Perhaps there isn’t a plant that grows that fast, but bamboo is definitely quick.

In fact, bamboo can be ready to harvest in just 3-5 years after its first planting. A managed bamboo forest can reach maturity in just about 3-4 months, and usually does not require re-planting due to the way the plant regenerates from its shoots. The growth will of course vary depending on the bamboo species. The impressive fact is that bamboo can be harvested in a timeframe that is much shorter than that of trees.

Using FLATO’s tree free toilet paper goes a step further for the environment. How?

The Choice that Extends Far and Wide

FLATO Home’s tree free toilet paper does not use fragrances, glue, dyes, corn or wheat. The products are whitened with hydrogen peroxide, which is a natural alternative to the more harmful and typically used bleach. This means that less harmful by-products find their way into the natural environment during the processing of these alternative eco products. What’s more, processing bamboo toilet paper requires less water - almost 30% less - compared to materials made from hardwood trees.

This is how from the bottom-up, choosing to use tree free toilet paper benefits the environment in countless ways. We are so happy you’ve found FLATO Home. FLATO Home is dedicated to providing environmentally conscious consumers and businesses an option to live responsibly.

FLATO Home’s bamboo paper products do not sacrifice quality. The tree free toilet paper and other products (such as facial tissues) are soft, absorbent, affordable, septic safe. They are Hypo-Allergenic - no dyes, lotions, fragrances, corn, wheat or glue added!

Wait no longer! Here is FLATO’s eco-friendly bamboo paper product line:

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How To Keep Saving the Planet - One Step at a Time!

We have outlined how using tree-free paper benefits the environment, and making the choice is simple. If you are looking for other ways to continue making a difference and promote sustainability in your home you are in luck. There are countless ways to benefit the planet.

  • Compost: Not only does this reduce landfill waste, but it improves the soil quality in your garden. One thing leads to another: if you start composting, why not use that beautiful soil in a vegetable garden? Growing your own food results in a minimal carbon footprint.
  • Re-Use: Grocery bags, water bottles, containers, ziploc bags - the sky's the limit regarding what you can reuse. Get into the habit of not using single-use plastics and papers if it can be avoided. If you must use single-use plastic and paper items, try to get creative and prolong their life-cycle at least a few times before tossing them.
  • Borrow/Share/Rent: Reducing waste can benefit our earth, and wallet! Borrowing and sharing frequently used items like sporting or camping gear, board games, party supplies or home and garden tools greatly reduces waste from packaging and lowers demand on supply and production. Check if your community has a neighborhood sharing group.
  • Repair and Repurpose: Repair and repurpose items in a creative way instead of throwing them out right away. Examples may be using glass jars to organize your cosmetics, tools, pencils etc. Repairing items such as clothing, tools and electronics goes a long way.
  • Shop More Consciously: If you are noticing that the quality of your recent purchases just aren’t up to par, consider purchasing higher quality items that will last longer and reduce the time between replacing. Shopping consciously also means thinking about the impact your purchase will have on the planet.
  • Shop at FLATO HOME: Rest assured, we have plenty of sustainable options - from tree free paper products to reclaimed wood furniture. Shopping that feels good.
FLATO Home is proud of our commitment to sustainability with the brand new line of tree free toilet paper and other products that make a positive impact on the environment. Visit the FLATO Home website to view our complete line of tree-free bamboo paper products and more.