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Update Your Home in Time for Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air, and with it comes a sense of new beginnings. If you’ve been wanting to refresh your space, look no further than FLATO Home’s easy checklist for to update your home today!

Spring is a magical time of year. Once the snowy, dry, and grey weather backs off, the promise of Spring really gives everyone a pep in their step. Why not use the bountiful energy Spring brings (we’re talking more light, warmer temperatures, budding trees and flowers) to update your home and embrace the season inside and out.

There are many ways to update your home for Spring without undertaking major renovations. Adding bright colours, decorating with florals, and welcoming more light into your home are just a few examples that can refresh your space without breaking the bank.

If you still have some work to do, check out FLATO Home’s Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning so you can prepare your space for the wonderful additions we suggest here.

Bright and Cheerful Colors: A Must

Spring brings cheer and with that, bright and happy colours. Now’s the time to change up the heavy, neutral knits we climbed under all winter and replace them with pastels or bolder brighter colours. Think of emulating a bursting, blooming bouquet of tulips. If you like a more subdued Japandi style, there are many earth tones you can embrace which still relate to the rebirth of nature.

Some examples include choosing to use ethically sourced materials (such as wood, bamboo paper products), using alternative chemicals that are not harsh on the environment, or choosing to buy furniture made of reclaimed wood.

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Embrace Florals: The Classic Move

A true mark of Spring is the emergence of florals - in both our gardens, and in our homes. Embracing florals for Spring may seem overdone, but there is a special meaning behind it.

Florals symbolize our desire to feel rejuvenated, connect with nature, and hope for the future. Spring brings new opportunities to experiment, so what better way to update your home this season than trying out a floral or botanical print.

From sheets to shower curtains, it’s easy to add a bold or subtle touch of nature to all areas of your home.

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Nature at Your Fingertips: Decorate With Flowers

A simple way to update your home for Spring is to add a bouquet of flowers in a visible place. This time of year there are tulips, daffodils and many other varieties of flowers popping up in grocery stores so take advantage of it!

Decorating with flowers (real or fake) is practical and does not take any special skill. A bunch of flowers here and a new flowering potted plant there can compliment any room in your home. Big or small, there is no space that won’t be brightened up by a vase full of flowers. Added greenery (even the plastic variety) will instantly welcome life to a space.

If you’re interested in how to incorporate more nature inside your home, check out FLATO Home’s blog on biophilic design and get inspired by nature!

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Welcome Nature Inside: More Tips

Keeping potted or cut plants may not be feasible for every household due to kids, pets, or lack of space. Instead, update your home for Spring by welcoming wooden elements or greenery into your home decor choices.

You can experiment with aspects of biophilic design without adding living, breathing plants to your space. Using natural materials such as wood and bamboo is a way of bringing nature inside. Natural colours and biomorphic shapes and prints is the way to go if you keep killing your succulents.

It’s easy to update your home for Spring by incorporating nature-inspired materials and colours. You will notice a more peaceful and productive environment.

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All that Sparkles: More Light

A simple way to embrace Spring is to welcome as much light into your home as possible. We’re thinking almost-translucent curtains that sway in the breeze and mirrors that reflect light all day long. Light keeps us focused and energized. After a dark and cold winter, let’s embrace as much light as we can.

An easy way to increase lighting in your home is to add mirrors, or any other glass accessories. These will bounce off light and add a little sparkle too. Experiment with one large mirror or adding many small glass accents on your walls or shelves.

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Bring Out Lighter Fabrics

Winter requires faux fur blankets, throws, fuzzy socks and lots of layers. To update your home for Spring, put away these items or repurpose blankets for outdoor use. Spring is all about embracing lighter fabrics like linen or cotton. These more breathable fabrics will let you stay cool as the temperatures begin to rise.

Just as you put away your heavy cable-knit wool sweaters, rotate your home decor and bedroom items to suit the seasons. Breathable cotton sheets are a staple, and should be used in warmer months for ultimate comfort.

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Switch Throw Pillows

Both indoor and outdoor sofas are incomplete without throw pillows. When it’s time to update your home for Spring, don’t forget about these accessories. Making the switch is an easy upgrade that can take you one afternoon to complete. Try playing with new fun colours or swapping out textiles.

If you’re looking for a complete guide for how to choose throw pillows, check out the FLATO Home blog. Throw pillows are built to last as the fabric is highly durable, making them the perfect choice for lounging on.

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Swap Out Candles

Swap out your candles and introduce new spring-forward scents. No more gingerbread or winter wonderland. Floral and citrus-themed scents will compliment the other tips you incorporate from FLATO’s tips above.

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Update Your Patio Decor (Including Outdoor Tableware)

Is this finally the year you’ll re-vamp your outdoor space? There is nothing better about Spring and Summer than enjoying the warmth, so why not update your home by setting up some space outside.

Another pro tip is to choose durable outdoor tableware that will be safe for entertaining and hosting outdoor gatherings. Try acrylic drinkware as well as melamine or stoneware tableware options.These materials are durable, shatter-resistant and lightweight which makes them perfect (no shattered glass!) for outdoor entertaining.

What’s the next step? If you’re ready for outdoor entertainment, check out FLATO’s blog so you don’t miss a step! Check out our outdoor entertainment pro tips on the FLATO blog.

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Change Your Shower Curtain

Changing the shower curtain in your bathroom creates a whole new look. Go along with our previously mentioned tips and tricks and opt for a bold floral or bright colour. Either way, this is a simple way to revamp your entire bathroom.

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Try Something New

Spring signals rebirth, so why not try something new? Tree free toilet paper is sold at FLATO Home, and can be the perfect new addition to your home. This bamboo paper is tree-free and is an ethically sourced alternative material. If you’ve been curious, look no further than FLATO’s entire line of bamboo tree free toilet paper products.

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Let us know how you enjoyed these tips on how to update your home from FLATO Home. When you’re ready, check our blog on summer style at home essentials, and keep embracing the seasons to come.